Weight Loss – Why Some People Lose Weight While Others Remain Fat

Weight Loss – Why Some People Lose Weight While Others Remain Fat

Providing that a person does not have some form of debilitating disease and has healthy brain function, anyone, and I mean anyone, can achieve permanent weight loss. It all really comes down to these 2 questions:

Fat Man : fat man eating hamburger seated on armchair weight loss                               Sexy Man : Young sexy muscular man posing weight loss

1) To what degree is the person prepared to dedicate himself or herself to the goal of losing weight?

2) How many times is the person prepared to fail before achieving their goal?

These 2 questions are essentially the same when you think about it: How many times are they prepared to keep trying?

• How many times are they willing to change their diet?

• How many times are they prepared to wake up early?

• How many times are they prepared to change their workout routine?

For anyone who has actually formulated a number of times that they are willing to try, it is very unlikely that these people will ever really lose weight. And if they do, it would have been due to sheer luck.

If you want to achieve weight loss and keep the weight off, you have to be prepared to completely dedicate yourself to the task. It is not enough to train half of the week or to eat healthy for half of the day. It is a decision that will stay with you for the rest of your natural life.

I see too many people who don’t have the right attitude when it comes to losing weight and it is not until they discover the right attitude that they start to see any meaningful results.

The main reason why it is so important to never give up with your weight loss goals is because everybody’s bodies are different. You need to keep experimenting before you figure out what works for you most effectively. Since everybody’s bodies are different, different exercises and different forms of intensity produce different results on different people.

However, there are some things that you can be doing everyday that apply to everyone. Here they are:

Do some form of cardiovascular exercise before breakfast every morning.

-Remember to have breakfast every morning.

Eat at least every 3 hours in order to keep your metabolism firing.

 Drastically cut down on your intake of refined sugars

These 4 principles apply to any person who is trying to achieve weight loss. But remember that the most important thing is to keep on keeping on.

Don’t give up!

Think of working out and eating healthy as being a long-term investment. You’re not going to see results right away, but if you keep going, those results will multiply and eventually expand exponentially.

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weight loss
weight loss

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