Magnesium for Weight Loss

Magnesium for Weight Loss

Magnesium supplementation lowers high blood pressure, helps keep your heart healthy and can assist in the prevention of common ailments such as constipation, kidney stones, gallstones, and osteoporosis. Low serum magnesium levels are associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus type 2 and hypertension.  What is not so well known about the mineral is that it can be used as a tool to promote weight loss.

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It allows insulin to usher glucose into the cells which are important because glucose is involved in making energy for the body. If the body does not contain a sufficient amount of magnesium, it may cause both the insulin and glucose levels to become elevated. The body then stores this excess glucose as fat which can lead to weight gain. Elevated insulin levels can also lead to more series conditions such as diabetes.

Magnesium is also known to effectively control the link between obesity and stress. Stress causes the cortisol chemical to signal a metabolic shut down in the body and this can make achieving weight loss to become extremely difficult. When magnesium is consumed on a regular basis, it is known to neutralize the effects of stress. Overeating and food cravings can often be linked to your body actually craving nutrients instead. If your diet is not particularly nutrient-rich, you will most likely feel hungry again quickly, because your body has not had a satisfactory level of nutrients. You then continue to eat foods with empty calories, which pack on the pounds but go no further to consuming the nutrients that the body needs.


According to the WebMD website, the recommended daily amount for women who are 31 years or over is 320 mg. The dosages vary for pregnant and breastfeeding, however. The dosage for men who are 31 years or older is 420 mg.

Abdominal obesity is also linked to a magnesium deficiency and an inability to properly use insulin within the body. According to the book The Magnesium Factor written by Mildred Seelig, M.D and Andrea Rosanoff, Ph.D., as the body produces more and more insulin to cope with a high-sugar diet, your waistline increases to process extra insulin, with over half of the insulin in the bloodstream being directed at the abdominal tissue.

Here are some foods which contain magnesium

Magnesium : Single yellow spotless banana with an accurate stem isolated over white background weight loss

• Spinach
• Banana
• Raw Broccoli
• Tofu
• Halibut
• Nuts – peanuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pine nuts
• Beans – kidney, black, lima, navy, pinto and white
• Scallops
• Seeds, pumpkin and butternut squash
• Soy Milk
• Oysters
• Wholegrain Cereal
• Whole wheat bread
• Dried Coconut
• Wholegrain Barley
• Oat Bran
• Brown Rice
• Artichoke
• Lentils
• Frozen Peas
• Parsnips
• Frozen Okra
• Kiwi
• Seaweed
• Shredded Wheat

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