Water – One Of The Best Foods To Promote Weight Loss

Water ; The Most Important Ingredient For Health And Weight Loss

Did you know that water is the best beverage to promote weight loss. Since weight loss involves removing fat from your body and in the body, fat is water soluble, it goes without saying that the more hydrated you stay the easier it will be to remove the fat from your body. This presumption hinges on your ability and willingness to exercise. Exercise is crucial to permanent weight loss and if you’re like everyone else striving to lose weight, I’m sure you’ll want to keep it off once you lose it. Having a good habit of including exercise in your daily routine is the best way to ensure that.

Your body is made up of approximately 75 percent water, which is vital to the normal functions of your life. Quite simply, every bodily system depends on water, which makes it crucial in maintaining total well being. But all the time you are losing water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements.

Stay Hydrated – Your Life Depends On It

The risk of dehydration should be avoided at all costs so one should beware of substances that will dehydrate the body like alcohol, soda pop, and energy drinks. Caffeine in energy drinks can cause the excretion of water from the body to dilute high concentrations of sugar entering the blood stream, leading to dehydration. If the body is dehydrated by 1%, performance is decreased by up to 10%. A 5% reduction in body fluids equates to a 20% fall in usable energy levels.

Water, free of contaminants, will improve the removal of toxins and waste products, including lipids, from your body. It will improve your energy levels, keep your skin healthy and glowing, and increase your mental and physical performance as well. Water has also been known to ease headaches, “Some measures can help prevent headaches…..are drinking plenty of water and  avoiding caffeine”.

Water for nutrition:

There are several nutrients found in water and most are at potentially significant levels. They include:

Calcium – important in the health of the bones and possibly in cardiovascular health.

Fluoride – effective in preventing dental cavities.
Magnesium – important both in cardiovascular and bone health.
Sodium – important extra cellular electrolyte.
Copper – important in iron utilization, cardiovascular health and an antioxidant.
Selenium – important in the immune system due to its antioxidant function.
Potassium – important due to its biochemical effects on your muscles including your heart. (Potassium transports the signal that tells your muscles to contract.)

How much water your body needs:

Water is essential to your good health, but every individual has different needs. There is no single formula that fits everyone and needs vary depending on your health, how active you are etc. The typical “eight x eight-ounce glasses of water per day” is a common approach. Drinking this amount of water is equivalent to drinking roughly 2 quarts of water.

Water for weight loss:

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. As well as the advantages explained above, developing the habit of drinking water will your desire to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. If you drink a glass of water before you sit down to eat, you will feel less hungry and hence eat less. Your body often confuses hunger and thirst because in both cases it is your metabolism calling out for something to fill an empty space in your stomach.

Next time you feel hungry try a glass of water – it is one of the best foods that promote weight loss because it is calorie-free, inexpensive and readily available.

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