Healthy Weight Loss For Permanent Results


It seems everyone is looking for the secret that will instantly shed excess weight and keep it off for the rest of your life. The fact of the matter is, there are quick ways to lose weight, which you’ll probably put right back on as quickly as you took it off, and there’s a healthy weight loss program which can be achieved with effective and simple habits and practices that can last for the rest of your life. And it’s not really as much a program as it’s a change in the way you live and eat. I say habits and practices because that’s what you need for a new mindset and it’s a completely new way of thinking you need if you’re going to keep that weight off after you initially lose it.


To have a  new mindset means that we have to give up our addictions and adopt totally new healthier habits and practices that not only influence our bodies but our brains as well. Because it all starts with our brain. Our brain controls everything including our weight, and it’s our addiction to sodas, sugar added high carbohydrate foods and salt-laden processed foods that damage our brain more than anything else that we have full control over. Instead of sodas, sugar added simple carbohydrates and salt-laden processed foods being your addiction, you’ll have to make exercise your new addiction. But this I can guarantee you, if you do, you’ll be a lot happier with yourself.

Why do I say your new addiction should be exercised? Anybody who’s felt the power that Endorphins have on your body and the benefit that regular exercise has on your body already knows why. There’s nothing more important to your health than keeping your body prepared to fight off illness and disease, and the only way to do that is to keep the body fit and as finely tuned as a new car.   You might wonder why I say we’re addicted to sodas, sugar added simple carbohydrates and salt-laden processed foods? When was the last time you tried to say no to any of them? If you were able to, how long did that last? Have you gotten through a whole day without eating any of these types of foods? It’s darn near impossible to do. Can you live without them?  Of course, you can, you just choose not to…and that’s the addiction.  I submit to you that there’s no difference between that addiction and any other addiction. Are you healthier without them? Of course, you are, but your choice to not stop eating them is where the addictions lie.

When dieting, you fight the addiction for a while and often lose weight for just a short time only to put it back on after you give back into the addiction. As long as your mindset has not changed, you remain addicted. That’s why you need a new mindset. You have to break the addiction.  Addiction tempts you to eat these wrong kinds of foods. Addiction doesn’t want to eat healthy foods because they can’t feed the addiction. Healthy foods feed the body, not the addiction.


There are too many diseases that are attributed to obesity and being overweight, and many people are falling victim to those diseases. And the list of diseases seems to be a growing list.  Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, bad knees, bad hips and even many cancers can be attributed to being overweight, making the need to lose that weight even that more important. If you’re going to lose weight permanently you need to break the addiction to sodas, sugar added high carbohydrate foods. Dr. Daniel Amen in his book, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age says he’s very familiar with addiction. He understands it all too well. He’s had patients tell him that they’d “rather get Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancer or diabetes than give up their sugar”. He goes on to say that certain combinations of fat, sugar, and salt actually work on the same areas of the brain as heroin and can be totally addictive.

This is why you need to change your addiction to fattening food to that of exercise. Exercise creates Endorphins and increases blood flow. Creating those Endorphins will help you feel good about yourself as well as helping to ease your pain and even though today’s foods can create those feel-good chemicals in your brain, instead of creating them with foods that make you fat, you can create them in a healthy way, with exercise. The added blood flow throughout your body will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. The added blood flow not only benefits the body but the brain as well. You’ll soon see a difference in your cognitive abilities. You’ll  soon start remembering those little things you so easily forgot before and you’ll start thinking a lot clearer.