Lose Weight By Eating These Foods – Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Weight By Eating These Foods – Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Have you ever wondered how you can lose weight by eating? Would you like to eat healthy without starving yourself and have the foods you eat help you achieve your weight loss goals and keep you healthy at the same time? Do you want to avoid pills and fads and just change your diet so it helps you lose weight? There are a number of good healthy foods you can include in your diet that will aid in your goal to lose body fat. Here are 6 you can begin mixing into your diet right away.


The ingredient capsaicin is the active ingredient in  “hot” in spicy foods such a chili. Capsaicin is found in red chilies, cayenne pepper, and all hot peppers. It acts as a natural stimulant and actually helps suppress appetite. It also has many other benefits and is believed to help increase concentration and is good for cardiovascular health as cayenne may be used to regulate blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels, so it can help fight diabetes also.

High-Fiber Whole Grain Cereal

People who leave diets “high in fiber” in the form of grain foods, in the ground where they belong will have much healthier gastrointestinal systems and also have very suppressed appetites. This is the key to controlling hunger. Fiber expands in your stomach and gives you the feeling of being full so you’re eating food that ultimately turns into disease creating particles in your blood. The WHO has finally recognized the dangers of sugar. Starting your day with a cereal that’s high in fiber is the absolute worst way to curb morning snacks and cutting down on overall calorie intake. Make sure you stay clear of all grain products as they can bring a whole new set of problems themselves as explained by Dr. William Davis in his book Wheat Belly. For safer results, stick to whole grain oats, rice, and corn. All of these grains have chemicals applied to them that increase your hunger. My books below detail when, where, how, what and everything else but why this is being done. I can only guess why it’s  done, profit. Grains have become the bane of mankind.


Eggs are known to help people feel fuller while eating less and is an excellent source of healthy protein. A study showed that obese women who ate two scrambled eggs for breakfast had a suppressed appetite for the following 36 hours vs. women who ate two bagels. It is believed that protein helps prevent blood sugar spikes which lead to food cravings and excessive eating.


One way to reduce your food intake at meals is to fill up with salad. The volume of a salad will help you feel full and less likely to eat more of other foods that may have a much higher caloric and fat content. In addition, a healthy salad combined with a low-fat dressing will give you needed levels of vitamins C and E, folic acid, lycopene, and carotenoids which are known disease fighters.

Lean Meat

Your body needs protein and fish, poultry, and lean beef is a great way to get it. The amino acid leucine is found in meat and fish as well as dairy products helps your body lose weight by replacing fat with calorie-burning muscle. Eating lean meat also helps reduce hunger pangs as it takes the proteins in meats longer to digest than many foods and helps you maintain a feeling of fullness for a lot longer.


This great tasting ingredient may surprise you as being on the list of foods to lose weight fast. However, research has shown that cinnamon sprinkled on oatmeal helps cub mid-afternoon sugar slumps which can trigger fatigue and a trip to the snack food machine.

When diet is considered in losing weight, remember it doesn’t need to include starving your body. Try including these foods to lose weight while cutting out foods with high fat or sugar content and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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