Sugar; America’s Worst Addiction

Confessions From a Reformed Carboholic

Sugar, I love it. I grew up loving it. Because I grew up loving it, I’m now addicted to it. It’s an addiction that was forced upon me by our food industrial complex, telling my mother that she had to feed it to me. She fed me this food to keep me healthy. That was 60 years ago. I’m paying the price for that now, with my arthritis. I was paying the price for it just 30 months ago, by carrying 60 lbs more than what I carry right now and being borderline diabetic.


My sisters are paying the price for it now. They both are obese and diabetic. My father has always exercised. He’s always been able to burn off the excess glucose until he was about 35. Since then, he’s always jogged every day, ever since I was in 7th grade, but even he couldn’t run away from this.

My mother, in trying to be the best mother and wife she could be, went along with what the FDA and the ADA told her because she wanted to do what was right for her family. She wanted to do what she was told to by our government. Guidelines from the ADA telling her that grains needed to be at the base of her all of her meals was what drove her to do this to our family. This is what doomed us to our current list of ailments, ailments like obesity and diabetes, arthritis, cancer, stomach ailments galore, and now, side effects from treatment for those ailments. It all comes along with a carbohydrate diet because all carbs break down into glucose.

Because sugar addiction is America’s biggest addiction, that makes it, its worst addiction. It’s an addiction that everybody grew up with and into. It’s an addiction that’s been with us for as long as we’ve been eating it. It’s an addiction that’s become far worse than it’s ever been since we’ve been eating it over its 10,000-year history. It’s an addiction that’s built scores of empires, and then tore them all down.

This addiction is far worse than any other addiction that plagues America. Whether it be today, yesterday or tomorrow, this addiction is the worst that Man has ever faced or may ever face. This is simply due to its propensity to expand its influence across the whole world. It’s also driven by the greed of those condemned to this addiction. Their desire to feed their own addiction drives them to impose this addiction on the rest of the world, simply so they can make an extra buck.

This addiction is at the root of almost every known form of dementia, heart disease, diabetes and everything that comes along with that, like cancers, cardiovascular diseases. The list is endless because sugar’s worst instigator of inflammation, AGEs, or glycation is at the base of an arm-long list of disorders.