Why the addiction is so hard to break.

This addiction concerns your longest love affair with food, that being bread. This is a substance that you’ve been addicted to all of your life. Remember those Capt Crunch commercials that used to goad you into begging your mother to buy you this sweetened, glucose-raising food that’s responsible for more bodily damage than any other one substance that we eat?I simply bring this up to point out the extent this industry will go to, to addict their customer base. (It’s this customer base that will become the customer base of the drug and pharmaceutical industry within 10 years and be in that customer base for the rest of their lives or for as long as they consume their food.)

Well, those commercials sold you on the health benefits of grain foods and ushered in a lifetime of hurt and disease, because you bought into them. I did to. I used to beg my mom to buy sugar pops because I saw them while watching Saturday morning cartoons and I was told that they just wanted I needed, so I bought it. Wouldn’t you? Didn’t you when you were younger?

The biggest piece of the puzzle, that influences our motivations to keep this addiction, keeps us also, from enjoying freedom from the ravages, of this devious destroyer of energy, emotional control, senses, health, wealth, sensibility, sanity, and ultimately life. And it is why this addiction is so hard to break? And believe me, it’s a hard piece to place. I think simply because there are so many facets to this piece. That is what we going to look at in this blog. Oh Boy! This may take a while.

It starts with the way it affects our blood sugar again. Sugar satiates the body quicker than any other food because of the effect it has on our blood glucose. It’s the raising of the glucose that releases a feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin that tells your body to relax and feel safe.

According to Wikipedia; “Serotonin (/ˌsɛrɵˈtoʊnɨn//ˌsɪr-/) or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter. Biochemically derived from tryptophan, serotonin is primarily found in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), blood platelets, and the central nervous system (CNS) of animals, including humans. It is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.[6]

It’s this contribution of serotonin to our feelings of well being and happiness, that make us behave either rationally, or irrationally. It’s this one little factor, in my estimation, that is where many of our problems begin. Because of the outside influence on our emotions and feelings of well being and happiness, from fluctuating glucose levels in the blood, we no longer have full control over them. The drop in serotonin is responsible for making us act differently when our glucose levels are low, rather than when our glucose levels are high. This is what causes more irrational behavior than anything else, other than maybe, chemicals in our environment and food supply. On second thought, it has to be the biggest contributor, because I’m still subject to pollutants in the environment and food supply,  but I’m not subject to the effects of glucose in my system affecting my serotonin levels. My emotions are much more rational than what they were when I was on a carbohydrate diet. Fluctuating serotonin in my system seldom happens because glucose is not present, to make those serotonin levels fluctuate. My MTC keto diet doesn’t alter my emotions and feelings of well being, because of the lack of glucose, it allows in my diet, to put into my system. Fact is, it allows very little glucose to get into my blood because of the lack of carbohydrates, in this diet.

Because of that, my emotions don’t fluctuate as much as they used to when I was on a carbohydrate diet. This, in turn, means that every thought, every action, everything I speak, is done more rationally, than if I were still on a carbohydrate diet of any sort. This would not be possible if my body weren’t in a state of ketosis. (Thank you, Dr. Perlmutter!) You don’t have to take my word, alone, you can ask anybody whose body is in a state of ketosis. They’ll tell you the same thing, That their emotional control has developed far more, than it ever did, as a carboholic.

I theorize that serotonin plays a major part not only in our emotions but in our desires, also. It has to. If it can influence our emotions, how can it not influence our desires? It’s this influence on our desires that influence our behavior. If carbs influence the amount of serotonin in our systems, wouldn’t carbs then, influence our desires, and behavior? With all this outside influence in our behavior, wouldn’t it make sense, that this outside influence, also plays a major role, in the behavior of everyone in the world? It has to. Doesn’t it make sense, then, if you were to reduce the outside influence in our behavior, everybody would be able to think more rationally? Wouldn’t more rational thinking throughout the world lead to less violent destruction, and war, worldwide?

But that still doesn’t say enough about why it’s so hard to break this addiction. That’s just the biggest, most important reason. We need to look at, as many reasons as we can, to help, as many people as we can, break this deadly cycle of carbolism.

Carbolism is like any other addiction, only worse because we were all sold this bill of goods, that, “this is wholesome, healthy food you should be eating”. So, we ate it. and we ate a lot of it. We based our diet on it. We still eat it. We consume more bread products in our diet than anything else, because we were told to. We’ll continue to eat it, until everyone realizes, how dangerous, this food really is. This addiction we’ve thought for years, even in the medical community, was really supposed to be healthy for us. The problem is, it isn’t. It hasn’t been healthy for us, for the last 30 years, at least. Since genetic modification has worked its way into our food supply, studies have shown major changes in our health. Studies have shown an increase in brain degenerative diseases, about the same time that genetically modified grain, slipped into our diet. Alzheimer’s has grown exponentially in the last 30 years, and many scientists, are still trying to understand why. There were also, studies showing increases in diabetes and obesity, increase in cancer, increase in cardiovascular disease and digestive disorders. And, most of this was done under our noses, without us even knowing about it. Shame on us. For the last 30 or so years, this food has been unhealthy for us, but because of the influence that this food has on our serotonin levels, we’ve allowed ourselves to get and continue to be addicted to it.

It’s this continuation of addiction, throughout our society, that makes it so hard to break, our individual addiction to it. It’s the continuation of all the advertising telling us we should still be eating this pseudo-food, that’s driving this addiction. What drives all of the advertising, is corporate power, simply trying to make as much money as they possibly can for their stockholders.

This is where the difficulty in breaking the addiction, begins, at the corporate level. Because advertising influences our choices so much, corporate America exerts enormous amounts of control over us. With the introduction of sugar into our diet, it makes it even easier, for them to accomplish this. I wonder why the food and drug industrial complex, keeps pushing the American people to their limit in what they can withstand, every time they advertise their killing foods.

What does everyone do on Thanksgiving day? What do you do?

If you’re like everyone else, you sit and watch football, the biggest advertising venue in our society, is football. What do you do while you’re watching the football games on TV? If you’re like everyone else, you’re eating chips of some sort, and drinking soda or beer. This is when your blood glucose levels are at their highest, making your serotonin levels also at their highest, influencing a major portion of your behavior. You’re feeling good. You see the advertising, you may be even ingesting the same thing you’re seeing the advertising for. How do you think this is going to make you feel? What do you think it going to make you believe? That these substances are good for you? That you should be ingesting them? Naturally! this is how everyone feels. it’s because of that glucose in everyone’s systems’ influencing their thoughts, emotions and behavior. Is it any wonder that they’re addicted? This is how corporate America controls our emotions, thoughts and behavior.  Remove the carbs, remove the addiction. The problem here is that you have to break the addiction, it’s that crucial. Yet, Corporate America keeps America and the World Addicted

Corporations realize this. They don’t want you to break your addiction. They do everything in their power, to keep you addicted. They have to. It’s in their best interest to keep their stockholders happy, and the only way to do that, is to be making money, and lots of it, for higher returns in the stock market. It’s the nature of business. Not even knowing that they are killing their customers, is enough, to influence them into realizing that this is a downhill road that they’re on. This road is so steep, that can and will lead, ultimately, to death of our society. Archeologists in 2550 from another planet in another galaxy, will stumble across our planet and find it and empty orb that shows evidence of civilization, but no life.

This is why corporations need to realize that they’re killing their customers and that they’re making all of their customers diabetic and sick, simply to make an extra buck, because of the excess sugar in their products. They put them in because it satiates so fast. People who ingest their products, like them immediately, making them return customers for life, or, at least, until the next best thing comes along to satiate the appetite. This behavior is completely understandable on a carbohydrate diet, which is ever so prevalent, in all parts of the world. Maybe, corporations know what they’re doing. After all, most do.

Prior to the turn of the century, in the 80’s and 90’s, corporations like Monsanto, the world’s biggest crop seed company, owners of companies like DeKalb Genetics Corporation, Delta & Pine Land Company, and Calgene, companies that all provide crop seed for farmers to grow the food that America puts on its tables, Monsanto merged with Pharmacia and Upjohn, around the turn of the century. Their company is responsible for Celebrex, the arthritis medicine. I can’t help but wonder if they already knew that the devastating effects of the products were actually causing arthritis? Did they know they were peddling death and disease, at that time? It seems to make sense that they would want to send their customers to their partners in the pharmaceutical industry.

One could almost make the claim that corporate America is trying its best to keep us addicted to their “cash crop”, to keep us buying their pharmaceuticals. If so, this is one trap I refuse to fall into. This is one major ruse on the American public, that’s killing Americans right and left. Yet There’s no outrage and worse yet, no warnings.

Anyone who’s broken this addiction to the carbohydrate diet and has allowed their body to go into ketosis knows exactly what I’m talking about. Since they’ve broken the addiction of the fluctuating glucose in their bodies, their serotonin doesn’t fluctuate, and thus their thoughts, emotions and behavior isn’t influenced as much as that of someone on a carbohydrate diet. Their thinking is much more rational. Their thinking will never be influenced by their diet, simply because of the lack of carbs in it. Because their bodies are able to go into ketosis, it allows all the magic to happen. If you were to ask anybody who’s been on this diet for at least a year, they will confirm everything I’ve said in these articles.

If they have other opinions, it’s usually because the addiction is still talking. I understand how hard it is to break. The hormonal conversation everyone has with themselves every minute of every day is what’s driving this addiction. And it’s being done at the request of an industry that’s simply trying to stay in business and make some money at the same time….or so they say. This is where our food industrial complex plays their part in our addiction.

They’ve  learned who to use this food’s most powerful form of influence known to man, hormonal influence. It’s the type of influence the victim has no control over, because of the hormonal control. Hormones have a nasty way of controlling our behavior, by blocking receptors in our brain. By blocking these receptors, those hormones have complete control of its victim. In this case, the victim is the American people and it’s spreading throughout the whole world in its forms of obesity and diabetes. This is one trap I refuse to walk into again. I crawled out of this trap and I certainly am not going to fall back in again.

It’s a trap of corporate America selling me their food products to eat, which I love, because of their addictive nature. They, in turn, expect me to buy their pharmaceuticals after their food gives me the diseases that they cause, all those listed in the opening article, for which I’ll need those drugs for. Even though most of my family have been sucked into this scam, I refuse to.

The question I keep asking myself, is why do so many people have so much trouble recognizing, accepting, and ultimately breaking this addiction? The reason is something big business, won’t like to hear. But they need to.


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