Are Your Addicted to Sugar?

Your Addiction to Sugar

and What It’s Truely Costing Your

Or why we are an obese, diabetic, diseased society stricken with fear, anger, and terrorism all driven by hunger.


I can sum this one up in one word, ADDICTION. Only addiction can drive a society to act and react like our race has been doing for the last 10,000 years. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m going to tell you just why I think this way. I’ll try to give you evidence of why I think like this and let you be the judge. As a species, we’ve been cultivating wheat for just about as long, I think 11,000 years.

It started 5 years ago when I was trying to lose weight past a certain point that I couldn’t past, even though I was exercising 4-5 times a week for 3-4 hours each time. I decided it had to do with what I was eating and sure enough, as soon as I gave up the bread, weight started disappearing. I felt so great just after giving up the bread that I decided to give up all grains….even my precious steel cut oats. (For the extent of my life, I thought that oatmeal was supposed to be good for you.) After I gave up all grains I lost more weight, lost more pain, had fewer headaches, as they’d almost become a thing of the past at this point. I then decided to give up all carbs. That was a tough decision. I wrestled with it for weeks, before I did it, but when I did finally “take the leap”, my whole life changed like I never anticipated.

I learned that the one food that I had been encouraged to eat my whole life, was the one food that was tearing down my body while it was tearing down my brain. This is the food that’s been making me sick. And I thought it was supposed to be good for me. I, like you, had been duped. I’ve learned over the last 5 years, that our bodies survive much better without any kind of carb intrusion at all.

I’ve learned in the last 3 years, why the digestion of carbs and sugar create virtually all disease. I learned in the last 2 years that that action of why carbs drag us down so much (glycation), has been magnified by multiple applications of a glyphosate pesticide the inhibits enzymes, in the nature of how it kills weeds. It’s also killing massive amounts of people. In my book, the increase in the frequency of occurrence, the increased severity, and in the number of cases reported of all modern major diseases follow the same graph lines as the usage of glyphosate pesticides sprayed on all GMO crops. (over a million lbs a year is sprayed.) Isn’t industrial farming something to behold? Maybe for the investor but not for the farmer, consumer, or the public at large. For them, it’s downright deadly. More than that, it costly emotionally and well as financially and physically. It’s costly to the point of your life. Just ask Senator John McCain about his glioblastoma (brain cancer).

Monsanto can continue to deny this, that their pesticide Roundup was ever dangerous, but they won’t be able to much longer. Lawsuits are already starting to stack up in the courthouses, with farmers and crop-dusters suing Monsanto for the cancer they’ve gotten just from handling the chemicals. Think how a lifetime of consumption is going to affect one’s health. Little by little, it eats away at your health by changing the way your enzymes work. This is Monsanto’s gift to mankind. I guess it’s their idea of “better living through chemistry.”

It’s definitely not my idea. and this is why I blame a good portion of the woes of society, today, on this industry. But it’s really not their fault either. It’s the fault of misplaced trust in gov’t agencies to keep us safe by what they recommend for us to eat. The USDA, for example, tells us what to put on our plate according to what the farmer can grow the most of. Not what’s healthy to eat. It’s really pretty simple. They won’t recommend what’s safe to eat probably due to Monsanto’s industrial farming control. That, and the control they have over the pharmaceutical industry. (Their chemicals are everywhere, literally.)

The problem here is that Monsanto owns a majority of farmers in America by having them all contracted to grow their GMO wheat, sugar, corn, soy, oats, rice, cotton, and a whole lot more. They virtually ended the seed-cleaning business in Indiana, simply to sell more of their GMO seed to more farmers, so they could sell more Roundup. Seed cleaning used to be a pretty thriving business in farming communities. They made their money from cleaning a certain portion of a farmer’s crop to give him back seed to plant next year. This was how genetic engineering took place for hundreds of years. But, since Monsanto has patented genetic engineering of plants and seeds, now, it’s a whole different story.

What used to be a family venture, running the farm, is now an industrial venture, almost completely corporate controlled. We just learned how corporate controls things. They have to control things for the bottom line only in many cases. Their shareholders demand it. So they’re forced to hurt, injure and harm their consumers all for the sake of increasing shareholder returns. That’s the law of capitalism where the gain is the bottom line.

This is the nature of corporate control, to control a market to the extent that you find multiple avenues of income through your extensive control. This is why they sell the same chemicals to Pfizer. Pfizer used to be a part of Monsanto before it became Pfizer. It was Pharmacia, then, and they sell the same drugs now, that they sold then. Monsanto provides them with the same chemicals that they douse their crops with to put in their medicines.

With its placements of directors, lawyers and lobbyists in the halls of the USDA, FDA, EPA and maybe even the CDC, Monsanto has pretty taken over control of these agencies. All of these agencies that are supposed to be regulating Monsanto’s industries and companies. Because Monsanto pretty much controls what the USDA says, they’ve led our society to the brink of disaster by making and keeping everybody sick and hungry and worse yet even more addicted than they were when they were born. Yeah, this is an addiction that everyone has, as everyone was born into it. These industries use this addiction to take your money multiple times.

Actually, you pay this industry more than any other entity. When you buy groceries, you’re paying this industry. When you buy medicine for the pain that their food creates, you’re paying this industry. When they ultimately hospitalize you for heart disease or cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll be paying them again. You’ll forever be in their hold once you start on their medications. From then, it’s all downhill into an abyss of pain, misery, and lingering death.

It’s the USDA that recommends what to put on your plate to eat. Pretty much every other agency follows suit and recommends the same food. Why? This is now food that Monsanto grows. They grow it through their contracted farmers all growing their glyphosate ready seed that they will spray the chemicals on, multiple times. And yes, this does eventually make you sick, if you eat it, but only if you eat it. Although, I do fear groundwater contamination now. With the spraying so prevalent, groundwater is getting contaminated, now. Bees are also dying due to glyphosate spraying. But that’s another story. We’re talking about what the Roundup does to our bodies and why they can do it, right now. It’s because what they sell as food, is addictive, to begin with.

Monsanto uses that against us. They know our society is addicted. They’ve worsened it, by far. They’ve taken our addiction and turned it to their favor by ramping it up. This increases the need for the pharmaceuticals Pfizer sells. Do you smell a rat? I smell a Glucose Ruse. The biggest and by far, worst joke ever to be played on mankind. What Monsanto has done is create a world of anger, animosity and antagonism by playing our emotions against us. Our President is a shining example of the fear that extreme carbolism creates. Only fear could drive him to do the things he’s apparently done throughout his life to get where he’s gotten. Because of his addiction, everything in his brain is deranged. You can see the derangement in his body and in his demeanor.

Because of our addiction, everything in our bodies and brains is deranged. Everything. I know. I gave up the carbs and learned the truth. You’d have to give them up also, to fully know the truth. You may have suspected this for a while, but you’ll never know the real truth until you break the addiction that you were born with. Once you break this addiction a whole new world opens up, mostly due to the mental clarity you gain without the grains. But, also due to the increase in energy you’ll experience. The longer you stay away from carbs, the more energy you get and the more intelligent you get, and the healthier you ultimately get. Illnesses will become a thing of the past, but you have to give up the carbs for this to happen.

I blame our current state of affairs on a Supreme Court decision that gives corporations the same rights as individuals, even though they don’t have the same moral compass, or do they always adhere to the law. How do you put a corporation in jail for murder? You can’t. You can only fine them.

How can you hold a corporation accountable for genocide? Monsanto’s Roundup and glyphosate pesticides are directly responsible for more deaths in the last 40 years than any other single cause. The Glucose Ruse that they’d perpetrated has and is responsible for over 2000 death every day in America, alone. Imagine what it is around the whole world? Now that glyphosate has been generically made since the patent expired in 2000, everyone is making it.

Our Supreme Court has basically given their approval to this when they agreed to allow all corporations to have the same rights as a person who has to live by the law. We know how much corporations skirt the law. They have to. Their bylaws tell them to take all steps necessary to increase profits and boost the investment for the shareholders. That’s the way capitalism works and that’s how America became great.

This fact of the manner in which capitalism works, combined with the hunger, fear, and anger cycles created by a carbohydrate diet is what drives the insanity that takes place almost everywhere in the world. It must change is our society is to survive. Monsanto is the driving force behind this corruption and only control of Monsanto will change this. Monsanto needs to own up to their involvement. They need to stop the production of these chemicals that are killing us. They have to stop claiming that their glyphosate is more beneficial than harmful. It isn’t and they lie for the benefit of their shareholders, just like most other corporations.

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Basic Warning of Tainted Food:

addiction to sugar
The original story of tainted food designed to make and keep you sick to need more medication.

Extended Details of Tainted Food:

addiction to sugar
The story of tainted food that’s been engineered over the last 50 years to cause more destruction to your body, requiring you to need more medications. All done for the sake of profit.

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The complete story of tainted food engineered to make and keep you hungry for the sole purpose of profit.